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Sequencing AutoDesk AutoCAD 2009

(For Network Licensed Editions Only!)

(Assumptions, familiar with Appv/Softgrid Sequencing Best Practices and principals, Windows, AutoDesk Administrative Images)

Create an Administrative Installation for AutoCAD 2009, selecting and configuring all your options.

On your Softgrid/Appv Sequencing Workstation, install .NET 3.0, VBa6, MSXML6.

Start the sequencer, and under Tools/Options/Exclusion Options and remove all Exclusions, except for the Microsoft Appv Sequencer items.

Start the Sequencer, and point it to the folder Q:\AutoCAD.2K9

Start the Administrative installation using msiexec (ie, msiexec /i “aca.msi TRANSFORMS=aca.mst /qb”)

Once the install is completed, Start AutoCAD 2009. Check to ensure all options and components work (Plotter Manager and Pen Styles especially!)

End the Capture, and step through the sequencer. Launch AutoCAd and capture it in Feature Block 1, running up all the components to be captured.

Once prepared, select the “Virtual Services” tab from the Sequencer tool, and set both the captured AutoDESk Services to Automatic (AutoCAD won’t start otherwise).

Set your distribution options (in our case http://distroserver/AutoDESK_AutoCAD_2009_Virtual_App ) and set the OS supported options (Generate MSI also).

Save the files up to the IIS/Apache Web Server at the path indicated above, and test on a Client PC.

With Any Luck, AutoCAd 2009 should launch, and all the components should be available for use.



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